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posting problems.

I'm having problems posting. Fanfiction won't post at all, all the formatting data shows. And the crosspost from Dreamwidth to LJ seems to be broken. So. This post is to test that. Good luck to me

If Fanfiction fails again, I'll only be posting here, LJ and AO3 in future.

Edit: I just got a notification from Dreamwidth that the post was too large. Ok. I can deal with that here but FF is still full of data.
Yanagi, Litgal


I need to repost my library on AO3. The whole job is very daunting as I've been writing for fifteen years and produced more than 3 million words over 64 stories; one of which has 64(?) chapters. Ugh!

I think I bitched about this about a year ago but still. So ... which story should I do first?
Yanagi, Litgal

State of me

First thing, I have writers block. Massive, massive block. I managed one sentence this last week. One! OMG!

I've never had block before in fifteen years of writing fanfic. Never. I'm really upset about it. I know others get it and manage but ... seriously, I feel like I'm mentally constipated, it sucks so bad.

I think one of the reasons is that I'm writing a story I really don't want to do but one of my readers asked for it and I said yes. I really want to write the epilogue to the Tony!SEAL 'verse and move on. I've got another NCIS fic outlined and I want to move to that. But I need, need, need to finish this first.

So ... I'm blocked.

On a different note. It snowed today. About and inch but still ... what the fuck Mother Nature? What is your malfunction? Seriously.

On a good note. I got Himself's sweater started. It's looking good. And I've almost finished the shawl on the needles. This shawl is going to be ... not what I wanted. The pattern is beautiful but the lace pattern doesn't make sense, I can't seem to read it. And the bamboo yarn is wonderful in hand, but it's a bitch to knit. It's slick. Holy shit!

So, that's the state of me. Not wonderful, but not bad.
Yanagi, Litgal

Still stuck

I'm still stuck on my story but not so bummed about it. I was bitching about it on a forum that I visit and someone told me, "The more you worry and try to force it, the less you'll get done." So ... I'm just chillin' for now and writing a bit here and there as inspiration strikes me. I feel better about the whole process.

I know I have trouble with the ends of stories and series and someone pointed this out. Also, I've been working on this series for four (?) years now. I'm just out of ideas. I'm hoping to get this story done and an epilogue. Then, I'm done, and I swear I'll murder the person who says, "Oh, love this. MOAR PLEASE"
Yanagi, Litgal


I'm stuck on a top. I loved the pattern in the body, but not on the sleeves, so I decided to knit stockinette stitch instead. Miles of it, with a yarn that splits like a bitch. I'm so over this project but I want it done, not stuck in the back of the closet. So I'm pressing on, teeth gritted. Hopefully I'll be done with it very soon.
Yanagi, Litgal

thinky thoughts


I'm so bad about commenting that it's redic. But, I don't spell well and hate to just post but sometimes spellchecking and such take too much time.

I've also noticed that all my favorite people from LiveJournal and Dreamwidth have migrated to Twitter, which I despise, or some other new shiny that I don't understand and don't want.

I've reached the end of my Tony!SEAL verse, there's just no more ideas coming. I'm reaching for this last one and it's going to take forever to finish. I have something on the back burner but I hate to start new before I finish the old. I also hate it when someone reviews with comments like, 'I can't wait until you write where Tony (does something they want) Um ... nope, never happen. If you want your thing to happen, write your own story. *grumble*

It's been bitchin' cold here, I haven't been out of the house for weeks. Just to the store and back home. We live in the country and the blacktop is slick as a greased eel.

Christmas was good and New Years Eve. We stayed home and had a nice meal together. Himself isn't much for New Years, neither am I. The one place we used to go closed and everywhere else is full of drunks and jerks. Home is nicer.

I guess that's about it for the rant n' moan.